Take a Child Hunting

I enjoy taking the kids to experience the outdoors.  I know lots of youths now days want to play video games and watch television and if you ask them about going hunting or fishing all you hear is "No Thanks."  I think they just haven't experienced all the outdoors has to offer.  My experience with the youth today is, if you take the time to show them all the cool things that nature has to offer, most of the time they will take an interest.

I remember my grandpa taking me hunting when I was 7 or 8 years old.  He would throw a blanket on the floor of some old box stand in the middle of our property, give me his old binoculars and there we were.  Those were some fun times.  Now that I have 3 daughters  who love to hunt and I look back hunting with them when they were young and I think I know why grandpa would always smile when we were hunting.  It's more about spending time together than taking the shot.

 The youth of today are the next generation of hunters and if we lose them, we lose our heritage.

So camo them up, spray them down and teach a kid why you love hunting and the outdoor life style and you might be surprised!